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There’s money to be saved by bundling your insurance policies — and plenty of it.
According to a recent study we completed at insurance Quotes, U.S. consumers can save, on average, $295 when they “bundle” their auto and homeowner’s insurance with the same carrier.

While the numbers do vary, it’s almost always a good idea to bundle your insurance policies. To get the job done right, though, there are bundling routes to take that are significantly better (and more financially beneficial) than others.

So let’s tackle the bundling issue together, with these five tips to get you started.

5 Ways to Optimize Savings When Bundling Insurance Policies

Know what’s in it for you and your insurer

Insurance companies love selling more policies, and guaranteed access to your bank account. What they hate is customer turnover, which costs insurers money to market their services to new customers. The “win-win” is that customers get discounts for pulling home, life, and auto insurance policies together, at rates up to 25 percent less than buying those products from multiple companies.

Make sure to ask about bundling

Most major insurance companies offer bundling policies, including Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, and online provider platforms, such as Esurance.

They’re all transparent about them, but your best bet is to ask your insurance provider for a bundled discount, then ask for a deeper discount if you provide direct deposit straight from your bank account when you make your monthly payments. When you do ask, make sure to ask about all potential insurance discounts — not just bundled accounts.

Shop around for insurance discounts

If your insurance company doesn’t provide a satisfactory bundling discount (and anything below 5 percent off your regular, combined payment for auto and homeowners is low) then

Focus on total costs

Don’t just consider a potential discount from an insurance company, look at the entire package. For example, make sure to add in any changes in deductibles you’ll pay under a new, combined policy (the amount you pay toward a claim before the insurance company’s benefits begin).

In other words, weigh any lower out-of-pocket premium rate against any higher deductible your new bundled policy has you paying. If the math proves tricky, get a trusted financial professional involved.

Use leverage for future discounts

If you’re currently getting a bundled discount from an insurance company on, say, an auto insurance and a life insurance policy, use that leverage when you need additional insurance.
For instance, if you get a boat, start a business, or buy rental property, you’ll likely qualify for even more savings as you buy more policies with an insurer

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My car window was broken at a restaurant last night so first thing this morning I called my wonderful agent, Kelly Surles Lyttle, and she said the glass department would be calling me back in the next 30 minutes. They called 10 minutes later and set me up with a shop that was close to my home. It has already been replaced and looks good as new! The best part is it was all covered by my insurance. Thank you Kelly for your impeccable and prompt service!”

-Bill Lewis

Thanks to all for helping with insurance for this very important part of my business! I am grateful I found Social Insurance Group as my agent, they are awesome and can’t wait to meet you all someday!

-Steve Dodge

I am greatly appreciative of the opportunity to work with Social Insurance Group. They have provided coverage for both my home and new business. Social Insurance Group has been trustworthy from the start, and immediately responsive and attentive to any issues that we’ve encountered.

-Stephen P